Dr-jelusich - A Balanced Practise
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Dr. Richard Jelusich


Dr. Jelusich is a strongly gifted intuitive; an author, teacher, spiritual energy healer, experienced international speaker and ordained minister. He produced 22 episodes of Metaphysics 101 for educational television and  sits on the board of Directors for the California Institute for Human Science & the Universal Church of the Master.

Through his work Dr. Jelusich understand s  that we are all luminous being of light experiencing a physical existence and  he can accurately read how your soul-quality infuses itself into your waking personality. He uniquely blends energy work, spirituality and  science into his workshops, public speaking events and  private sessions.

Dr. Jelusich believes it is important to offer new insights in the understanding of how-to demystify metaphysics. Dr. Jelusich  helps individuals become self-empowered and  personally aware, by honouring their natural gifts and  inner truth.

Currently he teaches a life changing -two year, 18 level, Spiritual Healer’s Training for the Whole Human Being program. The program is designed to help individuals understand themselves, why they are here and  how they can positively transform their lives.

He has been teaching for over 15 years in both Canada and  the U.S., helping (465 plus) students and  graduates.   As core faculty member , and former Dean, at the California Institute for Human Science, he has taught a variety of courses. These courses include: Karma & Reincarnation, Spirituality & Superconsciousness and Psychology of the Chakras based on his books; Eye of the Lotus and  I Can Relate.