Energy-healing - A Balanced Practise
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Energy Balancing


This is the practice of working with the physical and spiritual body, to create a sense of ease and balance, similar to Reiki.  The treatment can assist in clearing illnesses, energy imbalances, emotional, physical and psychological stressors.

The process is non-invasive and includes relaxing on a massage table, while the practitioner assesses the physical body.  Light touch is used only on consent of the individual.  Once the healing is concluded, the practitioner ensures the client is fully present and grounded prior to discussing the session.  This healing process is done for the whole body and the practitioner will provide notes and a verbal reading of the client’s physical body and recommendations to support the client in the upcoming weeks following the treatment. The overall outcome will include balancing the energy flow through the chakras, while supporting the nervous systems and endocrine systems to create harmony in the client’s body.


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